Rubber Bracelet Polyurethane Casting Resin Hand-Board Model

Product Details
Processing StyleSilicone Vacuum Molding
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryCustom Made
Processing MethodsSilicone Vacuum Molding
Processing MaterialsABS,Rubber
Surface TreatmentSilicone mold;printing
Production Time4 Days/set

Detail Description

This hand plate part for the silicone U disk shell bracelet, can be customized according to customer requirements in color, size and character logo. Kingco prototype model of the production, can achieve a beautiful overall visual effects, and adjust the error accuracy of silicone mold, with professional rubber color, in the condition of bright, delicate texture soft, clear and natural pattern. Its fashionable, portable, multi-purpose product features, are favored much by business people of all ages, but also preferred for custom gifts, souvenirs of choice. 

The company Beijing Kingco concerned about the innovation of enterprise technology and equipment, is committed to the user's new product design and development to provide cost savings, shorten the cycle of verification and trial solution. Kingco can produce aluminum alloy oxidation coloring, corrosion, plating; plastic vacuum plating Can be colored), water plating; metal, plastic and other materials for surface sandblasting, corrosion, drawing, polishing, laser engraving and other appearance effects produced.

Kingco Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various rubber bracelet polyurethane casting resin hand-board model products in China, offering the customized service. Our products is competitive in its high quality and good performance. Welcome to check the quotation with us.