Hand-held Rubber Handle Polyurethane Casting Resin Hand-board Models

Hand-held Rubber Handle Polyurethane Casting Resin Hand-board Models
Product Details
Processing StyleSilicone Vacuum Molding
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryCustom Made
Processing MethodsSilicone Vacuum Molding
Processing MaterialsABS,Rubber
Surface TreatmentHand-carved
Production Time5 Days/Piece

Detail Description

Different from the painting for CNC machined parts, colored rubber parts or soft touch painting for CNC machined parts always exist some problems in color consistency, which is also a common defect for Chinese rapid prototyping industries at present. Some customers may not understand this production problem very well. They often require and contrast the final color effect of resin molds in accordance with the CNC hand-board models. So Kingco will communicate and confirm the color problem with customers first before processing the casting resin models. Then Kingco will make some colored rubber samples in advance for customers to select the most suitable casting resin models before coloring the final models. The picture is a hand-held rubber handle resin model made by Kingco. Before the color modulation for polyurethane casting resin, Kingco made satisfied CNC hand model and resin mold, but the customer did not know the big difficulty for modulating the color for casting resin model. The colors in liquid rubber and in solid rubber are different and the color deviation is very difficult to control. Under the professional and patient explanation of Kingco’s production manager, the customer finally selected a satisfied rubber color sample. At the same time, when delivering the finished casting resin model, Kingco attached several rubber samples as required for the customer to explain the production problem to leaders. At last, Kingco painted the casting resin model as required, just like CNC machined parts painting. However, this painting was not practical. It can only be used for color reference. Because of the bad adhesive force for rubber parts, the lacquer on casting resin model was very easy to be scraped. Now Kingco has new materials and can make colorful rubber parts, but the color deviation still remains.

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