Three Anti-Cell Phone Prototype Models by CNC & Silicone Vacuum Molding

Three Anti-Cell Phone Prototype Models by CNC & Silicone Vacuum Molding
Product Details
Processing StyleProduction Time
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryDigital Devices
Processing MethodsCNC Machining,Silicone Vacuum Molding
Processing MaterialsABS,Rubber
Surface TreatmentPainting,Hand-carved Rubber
Production Time8 Days/Set

Detail Description

For the classic anti-cell phone appearance prototype model, more rubber parts must be made for the functional characteristics of the anti-cell phone. While, the rubber parts by silicone vacuum were easy to shrink. So Kingco must control the shrink strictly. After the completion of the processing, anti-cell phone plastic model must be casted by silicone vacuum. So Kingco must spend more time on anti-cell phone model than the ordinary cell phone. Due to the fewer requirements of the structure characteristics, Kingco needed to process the appearance hand model by small diameter and long blade cutter, which took long processing time. In addition, Kingco painted the phone model to control the overall color difference between the plastic parts and rubber parts, so as to meet the precise requirement for the phone assembling.

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