Side by Side Refrigerator CNC Machining Hand-board Models

Side by Side Refrigerator CNC Machining Hand-board Models
Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryHome Appliance 
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS,PMMA,AL,Metal Plate
Surface TreatmentPainting,Polishing,Oxidation
Production Time15 Days/Set

Detail Description

Both Beijing Kingco and Shanghai Kingco can custom make the refrigerator prototype models. Beijing Kingco and Shanghai Kingco provide services for the different customer groups. Shanghai Kingco mainly cooperates with ELX. Beijing Kingco mainly offers the research and development production for Midea refrigerator. Beijing Kingco has a large CNC gantry machining center and can produce and process large prototype models. The processing stroke of CNC Gantry machine can reach 2100*1600*760mm. This side by side refrigerator prototype model was mainly made of plastic. Kingco processed the refrigerator prototype model by holistic processing and separate processing to shorten the processing time and ensure the appearance effect. The transparent parts of the refrigerator prototype model were polished very well. After the holistic processing, the metal handle was oxidized to show vivid metallic texture.

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