Set-top Box CNC Metal Prototyping

Product Details

Processing Style

CNC Machining


Metal Prototyping

Application Industry

Custom Made

Processing Methods

CNC Machining

Processing Materials

Stainless Steel;

Surface Treatment

Spray,Printing,AL oxidation

Production Time

five Days/Set

Detail Description

Metal set-top box, with anti-static, easy to use the characteristics of heat, but the appearance of color is more monotonous. Beijing Kingco prototype model plant, for production of metal set-top boxes, will combine with the appearance of the product features and the use of requirements to develop the set-top box model's structure of the processing accuracy and innovation, especially via the efficient appearance production method to make the product with extremely elegant tone and trendy style. For R & D stage of the set-top box, the appearance of the characteristics is focused on black, white or primary color effects, involving sheet metal bending, CNC machining, surface spray or oxidation processing and other production process. After the completion of the processing of the hand model, the assembly of all components or test assembly in Beijing Kingco, will be picked out unqualified goods by the quality inspection department, mainly resoned the accuracy of the deviation or significant deformation of the parts, then notify the production department in a timely manner to correct or rework to ensure the final shipment Product quality in line with customer drawings production requirements.

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