Mobile Phone Model Of Digital Device

Mobile Phone Model Of Digital Device
Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryDigital Devices
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS,PMMA
Surface TreatmentPainting,Printing
Production Time5 days/set

Detail Description

      Mobile phone, a digital communication mode, composed of the   LCD screen and multi-function keys, has removed the traditional telephone external lines, upgrade to wireless signal contact. 

     The mobile phone appearance model produced by the prototype model company Beijing Kingco, contains the base with the irregular shape more three-dimensional; key part of the fine rounded, transparent material acrylic fine processing, the back spray and silk screen, increased of light and press effect; the main appearance of ceramic white matt spray, highlighting low-key elegance. Details of the steps, fillet and assembly gap processing that reached the customer satisfaction with the appearance of verification effect, can be used as an exhibition model of refined products to promote the follow-up sales and production.

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