Digital-single Lens Reflex CNC Machining Rapid Prototyping

Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryDigital Devices
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS,PMMA,Rubber,AL,SUS
Surface TreatmentFine grinding,Painting,Printing,Oxidation,Laser Etching,Electroplating
Production Time5-7 Days/Set

Detail Description

Most rapid prototyping companies have almost made camera model. To make prototype models with perfect appearance and precise structure, rapid prototyping companies must have strong technical strength and processing capacity. Beijing Kingco has rich production experience for this kind of SLR or digital camera model. Kingco has successfully completed single set and small batch of camera hand models, which satisfied the customer very much. Camera structural models need both delicate appearance and precise dimension and structure. In accordance with the customers’ original drawings, rapid prototyping companies must accurately make camera hand models within the rational assembly tolerance, as well as internal and surface coating thickness. For camera appearance models, the assembly requirement for internal structure is relatively lower than camera structural models. The appearance lines and gaps must be uniform. Surface treatment for camera prototype models includes electroplating, oxidation, brushing, drilling, vacuum casting, printing, AL brush texture with different slope, corrosion, etc.

This digital-single lens reflex rapid prototyping was designed by Japanese Fuji and produced by Kingco. Kingco successively completed 100 sets and 500 sets of camera prototype models in batch. All these camera prototype models were one-time qualified. For both single set of camera hand models and small batch of camera hand models, Kingco will make them strictly according to the customers’ requirements for the overall appearance and structure function. As usual, Kingco will first break up the original data drawing in detail so that all machined parts were easy to be assembled and hand grinded. At the same time, each gap between the parts was the same. So the final production effect of camera hand models by Kingco may even exceed the real cameras. In terms of technology innovation, after a lot of research and test Kingco has been able to make relevant special and satisfied craft processing, including the etching effect of rubber camera handle, AL brush texture with different slope for label, automatic flash lamp bounce off, lens cone auto scaling, etc.

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