Custom Made MedAL CNC Milling Hand Models

Custom Made MedAL CNC Milling Hand Models
Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialMetal Prototyping
Application IndustryCustom Made
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsAL,Brass,Copper
Surface TreatmentHand-carved,Grind,Painting
Production Time6 Days/Set

Detail Description

These three Olympic medal hand models in different styles were custom made by Kingco and China Central Academy of Fine Arts. These medal prototype models were respectively made of AL, brass, and copper. As brass is hard, Kingco must process these small and thin medal prototype models by the specific cutter. The diameter of the cutter must be less than 0.1mm. Meanwhile, the CNC machined prototype models must be processed carefully and precisely for good polishing effect. The customer believe that Kingco can make these delicate medal prototype models very well, just because of Kingco’s brand influence in the rapid prototyping industries, high quality prototype models, as well as Kingco’s comprehensive service. What’s more, these three Olympic medal hand models also make the customer satisfied very much. 

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