CNC Milling Samsung TV Metal Prototype Model

CNC Milling Samsung TV Metal Prototype Model
Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialMetal Prototyping
Application IndustryHome Appliances
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS,PMMA,AL
Surface TreatmentPainting,Printing,AL oxidation,Polishing
Production Timeten days/set

Detail Description

In recent years, Samsung has always centered on consumers, in adhere to product innovation, continuing to lead the development of industry.


 At present, most TV brands have a dynamic picture of a smear or show the phenomenon of fuzzy, which will greatly affect the user's viewing experience. Curved TV, as the first choice of watching game, made by subversive picture experience and innovative modeling, has emerged from the traditional flat-panel TV. The extension of the surface area to the visual extension of the telepresence than the flat-panel TV is better. Under the broaden high-definition large-screen surround, no matter where the position, you can enjoy such as three-dimensional like immersive look.


 Beijing Kingco model company manufacturing the Samsung surface TV appearance model, highlights the unique surface modeling in-kind verification of TV frame and metal base. 


According to designer's space design concept, Kingco has maximized the use of the innner components, the front shell simple and smooth black high-gloss effect, after the shell metal wire drawing texture, equipped with eye-catching beautiful logo characters, and clear and convenient multi-function touch characters, so that the whole TV mnodel can be effected in elegant, compact, and overall coherence.

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