CNC Milling Military Gas Mask Structural Model In Plastic

CNC Milling Military Gas Mask Structural Model In Plastic
Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryMilitary Supplies
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS
Surface TreatmentHand-grind,Painting
Production Time5-7 Days/a Mask

Detail Description

The gas mask structure model with special surface feature obviously shows Kingco’s rational design of 3d drawing program. Both the CNC machining dimension and assembly tolerance of the sample plate are very precise. Meanwhile, there are strict requirements for keeping complete surface structure after hand grinding and polishing. For some complex hand models, the whole processing will cost more manpower and equipment, so as to greatly increase Kingco’s production cost and customers’ purchase cost. So separate processing and then assemble are the most general and best methods in rapid prototyping industry to make the complex hand models. For separate processing, the follow-up injection models should be sufficient use intensity, firmness and stability. More than ten years of designing and programming experience of Kingco’s programmer not only met the customer’s requirements for product validation, but also provided rational suggestions for drawing design. Kingco successfully reduced the production cost of both sides and realized mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

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