CNC Machining Military Telescope Metal Prototyping Model

Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialMetal Prototyping
Application IndustryMilitary Supplies
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsAL
Surface TreatmentPainting, AL oxidation
Production Time4 Days/Set

Detail Description

Military telescope, should be used of superior processing materials and professional technology for the high quality and reliability of optical and structural performance. The products need be subject to environmental test before manufactured, such as vibration test, high temperature (10 55 ℃) test, Low temperature (a 45 ℃) test, rain or flooding test, airtight test. After these tests, product performance that remains within the specified range can be out of factory. Military remote distance telescope, can be fully suitable for the wild environment, Waterproof, anti-fog earthquake, designed for outdoor sports, all-around and reliable, to meet the ever-changing outdoor sports of various requirements.Beijing Kingco rapid model manufacturing company, taking into account the special features of telescope products and dimensional accuracy requirements, to provide professionally military products and model sample and batch processing. This telescope model, in use of metal materials, aluminum alloy precision machining, is produced for surface trearment with standard military green paint and black oxide parts, and accurate assembly, to achieve the military outdoor activities.

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