CNC Machined Conceptual Car Prototype Model

CNC Machined Conceptual Car Prototype Model
Product Details
  • Product Details

  • Processing StyleCNC Machining
    MaterialPlastic Prototyping
    Application IndustryAuto& Transportation
    Processing MethodsCNC Machining
    Processing MaterialsABS,PMMA,Al
    Surface TreatmentPainting,Printing,AL oxidation,
    Production Timeeight days/set

  • Detail Description

    The concept car is an idea that car companies show us the new and unique design , not necessarily the production of vehicles. The concept cars in the exhibition model, mainly used to show the style of new cars, technology and overall design, play an important role for the exhibition of superb degree and visit popularity. Now the new car, more or less can reflect the shadow of the concept car. Concept Car is the most advanced, avant-garde, environmentally friendly,  representative technology for repairer process and development, usually the way to show their scientific and technological strength and design concepts for the world's major auto companies.

  • 照片-012_副本(加水印).jpg

  • Please see the car in photos, produced by Beijing Kingco model plant, has fine appearance effect on body painting metallic feel and the sense of hierarchy in irregular shape. The simple skylight and seat functional, handle and shaft with metal parts processing is also just right. Innovative energy-saving lamp style, as well as the trunk of the intelligent screen control, can add a unique novel and cute style of color for the whole concept car model.


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