CNC Machined Charging Seat Plastic Prototype Model

It is one of the fine mold products produced in Beijing Kingco, made of black eclipse effect, with a layered sub-surface of the three-dimensional sense.The integration of various exquisite appearance shows the professional production standards in Beijing Kingco, but also reflects the high-end production requirements.

Product Details

Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryDigital Devices
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS, PMMA, Copper
Surface TreatmentPainting,Printing
Production Time3 Days/set

Detail Description

It is a fine mold product produced by Kingco CNC hand model. It is processed from splicing programming to manual processing, final assembly and each section, in need of accurate production. The appearance surface is made of black eclipse effect, with a layered sub-surface of the three-dimensional sense. The character printed in high glossy effect, is used a high-light UV ink to accurately screen different sizes of characters, and the outer decorative ring with black high-brightness effect, shows so fine and clear feeling. Additionally, the precise assembly of the various components and electronic components, complete the final low-key simple and flexible charging seat plastic model.For the entire model production, Beijing Kingco modelmaking team, fully consider customer's verification of the finished product function of the exact requirements, combining with foreign standards for the production in the shortest period of time to complete the efficient plastic model products.


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