CNC Machined Car Interior Trim Plastic Model

CNC Machined Car Interior Trim Plastic Model
Product Details
Processing StyleCNC Machining
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryAuto & Transportation
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsABS,PMMA,Al
Surface TreatmentPainting,Printing,AL oxidation,Polishing
Production Timethree to five days/set

Detail Description

Automotive interior parts, in the vehicle design, account for about half of the ratio, relative to the car exterior, interior parts involved more components. In recent years, the shape of automotive interior parts more and more tend to simple and neat,matched application of various materials. Pictured for the Beijing Kingco machining narrowly car interior parts models, a car stalls, car keys, dashboard, air conditioning outlet, storage box, door switch button pieces. 



The whole set of car hand plate pieces is manufactured by Beijing Kingco high-speed CNC machining center, which can effectively guarantee the size of the tolerance and processing deformation and other issues. The black matte spray on surface, is matched with silver metal trim, red semi-transparent decorative parts and functional character quality silk screen. There is a special model craft production for car keys and stalls- carbon fiber texture and leather coating effect. This high simulation car Product pieces, has achieved the fast and effective verification of prototype model supporting product research and development.



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