Cell Phone Keyboard 3D Printing Prototype by SLA

Cell Phone Keyboard 3D Printing Prototype by SLA
Product Details
Processing Style3D Printing
MaterialPlastic Prototyping
Application IndustryDigital Devices
Processing MethodsSLA
Processing MaterialsPhotosensitive Resin
Surface TreatmentGrind,Polishing
Production Time1 Days/Piece

Detail Description

3D printing is realized by the digital technology material printer. Before the 3d printing of the products, a complete 3d model was designed in the computer, and then printed it out. Click "print" button on the computer screen, a digital file is transferred to an inkjet printer. A pair of 2d image will be formed by spraying a layer of ink onto the surface of the paper. In 3d printing, a series of digital slices are completed by the software with computer aided design (CAD) technology. The section information will be transferred to the 3d printer, and then these continuous thin layers will be stacked up until a solid model is shaped.

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