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1.Kingco’s History 

In 2002, Beijing Kingco Technology Development Co., Ltd.  (Beijing Kingco, for short) was registered at Zhongguancun Science & Technology Zone, Beijing, China and established as a Chinese high-tech enterprise. Kingco is an earlier rapid prototyping and checking fixture company in China. As the earliest expert in the rapid prototyping and checking fixture industry, Kingco provides multiple services, including the research and development, design, as well as manufacturing for the precise hand-board models and auto checking fixtures.

2. Kingco’s Factory 

               Kingco’s CNC Machining Workshop
                    Kingco’s workshop

Beijing Kingco is located in the capital of China, Beijing. Kingco’s factory covers an area of 6000 square meters. Kingco devotes to providing perfect quality, short lead-time and cost-efficient solutions for new product validation and trial production.

3. Kingco’s Products 

Kingco specializes in rapid prototyping, checking fixtures and batch production. As a successful prototype models and testing fixture manufacturer and supplier, Kingco provides comprehensive products, services and competitive price. 

4. Kingco’s Product Application 

Kingco can make variety of prototype models, including digital communication hand models, office equipment prototype models, medical device hand-board models, household appliance sample plates, auto parts models, toys rapid prototyping, security prototype models, UAV models, intelligent robot models, etc.

Beijing Kingco has all-round strength in designing, manufacturing, assembling and measuring for a full set of checking fixtures. In addition, Kingco has developed a wide range of auto parts and assembly fixtures, including: welding fixtures, front & rear windshield checking fixtures, front & rear lamp assembly fixtures, floor modular fixtures, door trim fixtures, instrument panel gage assembly, door (inner panel) checking gauges, glove box testing fixtures, coatrack welding clamps, sunroof fixtures, front & rear collision bumper assembly fixtures, opening fixtures, pipeline checking fixtures, measuring brackets, jigs, etc.

5. Kingco’s Security System

Kingco has a well-regulated security system.

1. Kingco signs a strict confidentiality agreement with the customer.

2. Kingco is strictly and forever confidential for the customer’s drawings and technical information.

3. Kingco arranges specially-assigned salesman to receive the customer’s data, information through special and encrypted mailbox.

4. Both Kingco’s information transmission system and process are very strict and standard.

5. Kingco’s factory is monitored in the infrared for 7 * 24 hours. Both Kingco’s working area and production area are monitored by Hd cameras for 7 * 24 hours.

6. Kingco investigates the background of every entrant strictly.

7. Non-work area staffs are restricted access to specific work area through Kingco’s strict and definite entrance guard system.

Receiving strategic partners’ information security review annually, Kingco constantly optimize and upgrade the information security system.