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With The Application Of Sheet Metal Prototyping More And More Widely

Sep 06, 2017

With the application of Sheet Metal Prototyping more and more widely
First, the electronic communication career
    Communication electronic career is the recent years of rapid career, but also the current use of Sheet Metal Prototyping processing more professional, due to the professional skills to update fast, diversified and timely production of goods characteristics, so the occupation of the risk of shopping malls Relatively large, most of the well-known companies at home and abroad have the Sheet Metal Prototyping business out, the company's limited resources for skills development
Second, the car occupation
    With the progress of the domestic people's living standards, the car will enter the tens of thousands of households, which will promote the rapid development of domestic auto industry, automobile manufacturers in the expansion of production scale together, will be non-central affairs outsourcing, so that some auto parts will Outsourced to the Sheet Metal Prototyping processing career, by its supply for the automotive occupational distribution processing
Third, fine instrument career
    Fine equipment production industry on the Sheet Metal Prototyping processing industry is very tough, it is almost a measure of sheet metal processing company skills, production and management level of the specification, during which some fine parts are sheet metal processing company can not produce, imported from abroad For example, electronics companies, is the production of electronic equipment manufacturers, the outsourcing of Sheet Metal Prototyping in Anhui did not find a satisfied supplier, some of its sheet metal parts in Shenzhen processing, some imported from abroad; like this Of the sheet metal processing business if it can be processed, of course, is very substantial profit.
Fourth, the elevator occupation
    Elevator parts of a large number of parts are Sheet Metal Prototyping, and the elevator parts of the complex, every large elevator manufacturers, the back of dozens of suppliers for its distribution processing, such as: West OTIS, Schindler, Mitsubishi , Modern and Hitachi and other well-known elevator companies, have a stable supplier, the outsourcing of sheet metal sheet business in Guangzhou about billions of dollars.
The Sheet Metal Prototyping has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low conductivity, low cost, good mass production and so on. It has been widely used in the fields of electronic appliances, communication, automobile industry and medical equipment, such as computer chassis, mobile phone, MP3 In the Sheet Metal Prototyping is an indispensable part. With the application of Sheet Metal Prototyping more and more widely, the requirements of Sheet Metal Prototyping is also getting higher and higher, in fact, the overall requirements of Sheet Metal Prototyping is not very high, but pay more attention to the assembly, but precision Sheet Metal Prototyping is strictly enforced Tolerance, if the tolerance can not be assembled with qualified, its tolerance requirements are also higher than the normal level, so the precision sheet metal processing requirements will be more stringent. As the application of Sheet Metal Prototyping is very broad, its downstream almost all of the manufacturing industry, the main industry communications electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace, instrumentation industry, home appliances industry. In general, all kinds of mechanical and electrical products, metal forming parts and most of the use of Sheet Metal Prototyping production process, which, stamping process for mass production, and CNC Sheet Metal Prototyping technology is suitable for precision production. Although China's sheet metal processing industry has been to the world, and many customers in the world occupies a certain market share, but the technical level and developed countries have a certain gap between the relevant enterprises, the key difference lies in the weak technical service capacity, Sheet Metal Prototyping Fully and timely to meet customer needs. With the increasing degree of internationalization of the industry, the industry leading enterprises have gradually realized that the gap lies in the gradual establishment of a complete manufacturing service system, this part of the enterprise in the technical level and developed countries, the gap between the relevant enterprises has been significantly reduced. Industry technology specifically includes two aspects: manufacturing technology and service technology.