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Why Beijing Kingco is a Trusted Metal Model Factory

Nov 23, 2017

About Kingco industrial metal prototypes manufacturer:

1. Beijing Kingco model plant has 13 CNC machining centers and large gantry milling machine, to ensure the accuracy of metal parts processing, solidity and integrity.

2. Regarded as the senior statesman about surface effects process of metal prototypes, Kingco is professional, mature and efficient In the same industry.

3. Our production period is short, with the normative management, caring service, quality assurance.

4. The factory environment is good, there is a certain historical background, and supporting resources  for customers’ model projects.

AL Metal Prototype Model Processing

AL Metal Prototype Model Processing

Metallic Material Capacity: AL, copper, stainless steel, iron

Tolerance: 0.02mm-0.05mm

Process: CNC Machining

Mechanical Drawing: Step, Iges, Stl, prt, Solidworks

Product Surface Treatment: color painting, polishing, powder coated, sandblasting, sandblast anodized, clear or color anodized, brushing, oxide black, chroming, nickel plating, passivating, carburized, hot treatment, zinc plating, laser engraving

Origin: China

Qualifications: ISO9001:2008       

HS Code: 1112960463

Surface Effects of Metal Model

Surface Effects of Metal Model