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What Are The Characteristics Of CNC Prototyping?

Aug 15, 2017

What are the characteristics of CNC Prototyping?
 CNC Prototyping is a common tool for workpiece processing, which is different from the traditional machine tool equipment, its own has many characteristics, CNC Prototyping manufacturer for your fine way to.
CNC Prototyping machining accuracy than traditional machine tools in the workpiece processing quality is also more stable, which is one of the reasons people choose it. With the advancement of technology, CNC Prototyping manufacturers of equipment can be multi-coordinate linkage, for some complex parts can also be processed, which is the traditional machine can not be achieved. If you encounter changes in the processing of parts, only need to change the NC program can save a lot of processing time and improve the processing efficiency.
CNC Prototyping itself is more accurate, more rigid, you can choose a favorable amount of processing, higher productivity, is about 3-5 times the normal machine, its efficiency can not be underestimated. Technological progress is brought about by the increase in the degree of automation, the labor intensity of workers to be reduced, the number of operators on each device is also reduced, to some extent also save the human resources. Finally, with the improvement of equipment performance, the quality of the operator is relatively to improve the maintenance of personnel technology is also true.
 CNC Prototyping is a common tool for machining parts. It is important to use the machine tool for the machining quality of the workpiece and the service life of the lathe. CNC Prototyping manufacturers explain the precautions for using the lathe.
CNC Prototyping manufacturers in the factory machine, the control system will set the parameters within the control system, these parameters set with the dynamic characteristics of the various parts of the machine has a direct relationship, so users can not arbitrarily use these changes, to prevent the use of machine tools In the event of a failure. Only in the gap compensation parameter values can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The pressure of the hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tool holder, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic tailstock in the machine tool should be raised within the allowable stress range.
CNC Prototyping manufacturers in the installation of various parts of the machine parts, has been fully considered the parameters of the matching, so users can not arbitrarily replace the machine accessories, such as the use of instructions beyond the provisions of the hydraulic chuck. If the user blindly replace the accessories, resulting in the machine parts of the parameters do not match, it is likely to cause an unexpected accident, affecting production.
 Reasonable choice of CNC Prototyping processing costs, and machine tools, tools, workpieces and processes and other factors have a great relationship, CNC Prototyping manufacturers to introduce you how to choose a reasonable amount of processing.
If roughing, you need to ensure high production efficiency, CNC Prototyping manufacturers recommend the choice of a larger amount of back to eat a, to ensure a larger feed, cutting speed U can choose low speed. And finishing, you need to ensure that the size of parts and surface accuracy, manufacturers recommend the choice of a small amount of back to eat knife ap, to ensure a smaller feed, cutting speed U can choose a higher speed.
In addition, CNC Prototyping roughing, the general should give full play to the potential of the machine and cutting tool cutting capacity. If it is semi-finishing and finishing, should focus on how to ensure the quality of processing and improve production efficiency. When selecting the amount of cutting, make sure that the tool can complete a part or ensure that the tool is not less durable than a work class, at least half of the work class.