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To Choose Experienced Local Plant For Large Models

Nov 30, 2017

  For some complex or large model processing, direct disassembly will affect the strength or firmness of product, especially the processing of larger metal parts after demolition, by methods of welding or other splicing will also affect the solid and beauty of prototypes. Beijing Kingco large Model processing plants, with gantry machining centers, Mikron high-speed machining centers, high-precision engraving and milling machine and the supporting lathe, milling, grinding and other auxiliary processing equipment, can be in provision of high precision, high aging for customers the variety of large-scale structure of personalized custom processing.

Kingco production stamping parts seized the big floor

  In the processing of large gantry milling machine, it’s necessary for professional and technical personnel to use the software MasterCAM programming parts modeling and tool path selection, to determine the detailed size specifications of processing materials. Then the resulting program-related data should be eventually transmitted to the CNC machine tools, and NC Operators also be made the reasonable arrangements for machine operation and part processing.

Beijing Kingco Gantry Machining Center

The workshop of Gantry Machine

  The gantry milling center at Beijing Kingco for the travel of 2100 * 1600 * 760, can reach ± 0.01-0.02mm of processing accuracy, with machinable large metal and plastic models, especially the commonly used auto parts and appliances models. About CNC machining quality and production workshop environment, the company Beijing Kingco has been recognized by many customers in cooperation, Kingco attaches great importance to the maintenance of production equipment and workshop 6 S management, and regular inspection and maintenance for CNC milling machines.