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The Sheet Metal Prototyping Industry Develops Rapidly New Technology Brings New Opportunity

Jul 13, 2017

The Sheet Metal Prototyping industry develops rapidly new technology brings new opportunity

The manufacturing industry is facing the pressure of many varieties, small batch, customization, high quality and short delivery time. These are the result of changes in customer demand, on the one hand, and fierce competition. For the same reason, manufacturing industry also faces pressure to reduce manufacturing costs every year. In addition to seeking management improvement and change, technical innovation is also one of the important methods.

Traditional Sheet Metal Prototyping technology is adopted: shear - punching - bending - welding process or flame plasma cutting - bending - welding process. In many varieties, small batches, customization, high quality, short delivery time, it shows obvious inadaptability. The laser cutting technology has been developed as an alternative to "shear - shock", which has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. And most people think it's expensive. It is often used in heterogeneous (or complex) workpieces and samples (single or small batches). But as small batch manufacturing becomes more and more popular, there is a growing demand for laser cutting.

When reviewing the new Sheet Metal Prototyping process: laser cutting, bending and welding/maohan, due to the high flexible, high precision laser cutting, the maturity of the 3 d design technology and popularization, the user can benefit from the new design, new process. To reduce the cost and reduce the requirement of the working period. Therefore, the new Sheet Metal Prototyping process started from design: design + laser cutting + bending + welding/riveting. Here are a few examples to illustrate the characteristics of the new process.

(1) in the traditional process, the workpiece consists of several parts. Now, a cut + fold is done. To reduce the process, shorten the working period and reduce the cost.

(2) in the traditional process, special fixture for welding. Now, the process of using similar joiner tenon is used between the parts, so that the welding fixture is simple and the product is less deformed. The aim is to shorten the working period, reduce the cost and improve the quality.

(3) the multi-fold bending process has become more popular in the domestic box manufacturing industry. The advantage is that the traditional reinforcement is eliminated. It has its own design and craft unique place. The aim of high quality and low manufacturing cost. In the actual process, also need to cooperate spot welding.

(4) with the characteristics of the cutting of the laser and the high precision, a single cut (with a micro connection), with four folding bends and four pieces of work. It breaks through the design thought under the traditional process, and achieves the goal of shortening the working period and reducing the cost.

(5) the whole process can be completed because of the tenon structure and the welding process after the bending of the workpiece. Small deformation of the workpiece, no shaping and polishing before spraying.

Due to the characteristics of the new process, advanced Sheet Metal Prototyping equipment software support and design, laser cutting technology, bending technology. It supports two - dimensional parts design, pipe material parts design, bending workpiece design (supporting only a hundred super - bending machine), three-dimensional graphics expansion. The numerical control program is transmitted to the specified machine by standard computer network.

"With the increasing competition, more and more large enterprises are outsourcing the basic Sheet Metal Prototyping processing to reduce manufacturing costs." Luo baihui, secretary general of the international supplier association of moulds and hardware manufacturers, believes this is the reason for the rapid development of foreign JOB - SHOP. The usual JOB - SHOP core device has one to more than a dozen lasers, about one times the number of bending machines. At present, it is very popular to send the products' data (usually three-dimensional CAD format) to the customers by email, and clear (high) technical requirements and (short) delivery date. The sample is sometimes required, and the bulk order is given according to the delivery speed and quality of the sample. Due to a large number of foreign-invested manufacturing enterprises, the demand for Sheet Metal Prototyping outsourcing is high, Sheet Metal Prototyping and the development of laser cutting market is very rapid. At present, there are nearly 100 laser cutting machines, most of which are used for external processing. This pattern will spread to the interior as the economy grows in the mainland. This is the effect of new technology on industry operation mode.