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The Problems Faced By Rapid Prototyping Technology

Jan 09, 2017

Process problems

Rapid prototyping based on layered the superposition principle, however, what material layer overlay, and a tiered stack is very value. Therefore, in addition to the above common tiered stacking method, are research and development of new tiered stacking method, in order to further improve the performance of products, improve the accuracy and efficiency.

Material issues

Molding material has always been a hot-button issue, rapid prototyping materials to meet: ① conducive to quick and accurate processing and molding ② materials for rapid prototyping direct manufacturing functions to be close to the final use of the strength, rigidity, resistance to moisture, heat stability requirements c follow-up treatment in favour of rapid tooling. New RP materials, particularly composites, nano-materials, such as non-homogeneous materials, materials produced by other methods, such as are still working toward.


At present, rapid prototyping and level of accuracy is ± 0.1 mm, height (Z) direction of precision is even more so. Rapid prototyping technology determines the basic principles of this process is difficult to achieve with conventional machining the surface quality and precision, formed rapid prototyping of ideas integrated with traditional machining methods, complement each other, is one of the important way to improve accuracy of rapid prototyping.