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The Material Advantages of ABS Processing

Apr 28, 2017

Some hand model manufacturers focusing on the production of household appliances shell, toys and other daily necessities, prefers to choose the material ABS, because it is thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, toughness, easy processing and molding. It is often used in the manufacture of plastic shell equipment because of the high strength for hand model design, and good material properties in corrosion and high temperature resistance. ABS plates generally divided into yellow and black in color, have a certain toughness, with density of about 1.04 ~ 1.06g / cm3. Its acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance is relatively better, but also it can not been dissolved easily by organic solvent to a certain degree. The resin ABS can keep normal under the environment of -25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and be a good shape, reflecting product surface smooth after processing, easy to dye and plating. The common Lego building blocks are ABS products. 

There are six reasons to choose ABS material:

1.For prototyping model design, it is well-done as a result of non-toxic, tasteless chemical stability, fully in line with health and safety requirements of pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

2.The use of a wide temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃.

3.Long life: the product is generally available in the room for 50 years, if buried in the ground or water, its life will be longer, with no significant corrosion.

4.Light weight, saving investment: The weight of ABS is 1/7 of steel, thus reducing the weight of the structure, and labor intensity of workers, and cutting down the consumption of raw materials, which can greatly save the project investment.

5.High working pressure: the pressure of 1.0Mpa at room temperature 20 ℃.

6.Good impact resistance: only toughness deformation in the event of a sudden attack.


Beijing Kingco Technology rapid model production company can undertake the processing of ABS plastic parts based on the relevant hardware processing equipment and manual professional processing capacity. A few common production methods are surface grinding, spraying, silk screen, sandblasting, drawing, radium Carving, plating and other effects of production after CNC processing, ABS is the material to provide customers with low-cost but high-quality model processing.