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The Introduction Of Batch Production

Mar 24, 2017

Mass production, also known as repetitive production, refers to the number of products (or parts) that are produced in a certain period of time, in a certain period of time, in terms of quality, structure and manufacturing methods. Under the reasonable choice for quantity of mass production and interval of production period, you can bulk purchase of raw materials to save production materials, in the production process, more skilled workers to carry out machine operation, while reducing the replacement of machinery and equipment, greatly improving the efficiency of production and processing enterprises economic benefits. According to the number of each product into production each time, it is divided into mass production, mass production and small batch production of three. Enterprises to organize the mass production of economy, must be based on social needs, market forecasts, product costs, the use of machinery and equipment and other factors to determine the appropriate mass production. Mass production is based on the interchangeability, standardization and serialization of products or parts. The rigid production line greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost. The remarkable characteristic is that the product structure is stable and the automation degree is high. But there are certain limitations, the initial investment in the production line, the construction period is long. No matter what kind of production methods, only with the market environment changes and needs to adapt to the way to bring economic benefits for the enterprise.

Batch processing applications are more and more widely, there are early product development trial production, medical and other industries special equipment, mechanical non-standard parts and so on. With the rise of the current personalized customization, the demand for small batch processing is more and more, while the emergence of a lot of professional engaged in small batch processing of the manufacturers. Beijing Kingco Technology Development Co., Ltd., has the advantages of production flexibility, fast delivery, good quality, high precision manufacturing and many others. The batch production and processing center in Kingco, specializing in the provision of precision rapid model, 3D printing Shouban, supporting military products supporting the production of a number of services, to undertake small batch CNC machining custom or small batch production of silicone mold, and high-volume product injection molding. Kingco’s business covers digital communications, computer office, medical equipment, household appliances, auto parts, toys, security, intelligent robots, aircraft model military industry, and many other industries.