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The Design Of Light Inspection Tool

Jul 21, 2017

        Car lighting design is based on the needs of automotive modeling, In the specified design space, the lights appearance and functional design need be operated, and a better coordination effect with whole car. How to control more scientifically and reasonably the match of lights and vehicle, is to use the most simple and economical way by special inspection equipment for sampling control. Beijing Kingco Technology Development Co., Ltd. has the full set comprehensive strength of automotive gage design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, and measuring, which has developed various types of auto parts and assembly gage, including: welding assembly, front and rear lamp assembly, floor assembly, four-door two-cover assembly, dashboard assembly, door trim assembly, bright trim, glove box assembly, coat rack assembly, skylight assembly, front and rear bumper Assembly, opening seized, pipeline seized, measuring stent, fixture and so on.


  Lamps plastic parts seized is made up of the main body, deputy inspection, while the following basic information also need be shown:

① the height of the base plane (y)

② the depth of the base plane (z)

③ the width direction of the reference plane (x)

④ deputy seized

⑤ lamp body installation department

⑥ car body surface

⑦ coordinates thick line (that line name)

The illusion for headlight inspection.png

  The lamp should be designed easy to operate, move, and light in the general weight of 10kg. The skeleton of checking fixture should be based on the shape and size of plastic parts, to use different aluminum parts. When designing, to reduce the weight, it is suitable that not using the whole piece of aluminum for manufacturing, but to be made of fulcrum. Gauge body is generally made up of non-metallic materials, commonly used epoxy resin mixed cast or block resin stack. It has the advantage of low density, high strength, good wear resistance, easy to deformation and so on. The most important for design of the lamp plastic parts is to reproduce the actual installation of the lamp completely. Therefore, the installation of the lamp needs to be based on the requirements of GD & T (size and geometric tolerances, geometric dimensions and tolerances) And the parts are arranged from the x, y and z directions on the gage, and these dimensional tolerances are set to ± 0.1 mm.


  As a quick tool for verifying the machining accuracy of the mold and controlling the matching of the lamp and body, the lamp has become the preferred tool for the OEM and the lamp supplier. The lamp inspection is mainly used for the full measurement of small batch products and the sampling after batch production. It is often used in combination with special plug (specifications of 0.5 ~ 5.5mm) and high and low scale (specifications of -10.0 ~ 10.0mm ) to measure the key characteristic points. Through adjusting the plastic parts of the shrinkage and deformation, the production quality of plastic parts will be improved. Its simple, fast and accurate can be benefited for the main factory and the lamp plastic parts suppliers.

  The company Beijing Kingco relies on independent research and development as well scientific and technological innovation to start from the rear-view mirror, then extend to the auto light, front hood, bumper, door, even to the vehicle inspection, which won the trust and capital from foreign companies. Kingco team has taken service of more cost-effective and high-speed products, for the well-known car OEMs, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, Beiqi Group, Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai, Great Wall Motor, Wuling Automobile, etc.