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The Daily Maintenance Of Sheet Metal Prototyping

Aug 25, 2017

The daily maintenance of Sheet Metal Prototyping
  Sheet Metal Prototyping has a high ornamental value and decorative effect, it uses high-grade metal materials and plastic made of high processing requirements, painting requirements almost to the level of real cars, so the maintenance is also demanding The
   1, placed attention to the dust placed in the car on the desk or the general table, should be set with a plexiglass cover to prevent dust from entering. If placed in the display cabinet, want to create a better atmosphere, you can play some lights in the display cabinet. But must be in the showcase put a small glass of water, because the spotlight light temperature is relatively high, let the mold of the paint dry, put a glass of water, you can keep the cabinet humidity.
   2, the paint should always wax the general Sheet Metal Prototyping placed in two to three months, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the paint, with the general car wax can be, each time waxing, the wax can not be too much , But also pay attention to the gap of the car model, can not drop the wax into the gap.
   3, sheet metal model afraid of wet, exposure, after the rain and snow days, to open the box ventilation and dry, but remember not to sun exposure or hair dryer dry. So easy to paint and metal body separation, shorten the model to save time.
   4. Gently, do not car model and hard objects happen touch shape.
In the current alloy car Aberdeen market, Sheet Metal Prototyping can be said to be independent. As a powerful Sheet Metal Prototyping manufacturers, my company's performance really makes people have to sit up and take notice. In addition to the development of alloy car model and plastic car model, good business is still on the Sheet Metal Prototyping forge ahead, developed a lot of amazing Sheet Metal Prototyping.
Understand the Sheet Metal Prototyping people know that, and ordinary alloy car model is different from the Sheet Metal Prototyping has its own characteristics. First of all, the Sheet Metal Prototyping structure is more complex. It can be said that the shape of the alloy car model is not very different, as long as the master of the know-how, you can easily copy out. The Sheet Metal Prototyping is in the shape is very different, such as cranes and boring machine, it can not simply copy to copy out, but to make master repeatedly pondering and research. Second, the Sheet Metal Prototyping on the details of the higher requirements. On the crane, the different brands of cranes are different in the models, which requires Sheet Metal Prototyping manufacturers to prototype based on the reasonable allocation of the proportion of the crane, every detail will be handled properly. If the proportion of Sheet Metal Prototyping is unreasonable, not only will affect the appearance of the model, but also laughing generous. Finally, in the production of Sheet Metal Prototyping, be sure to choose the right material. If the material does not match well, will also affect the final quality of Sheet Metal Prototyping.
As a well-known domestic Sheet Metal Prototyping manufacturers, our company not only in technology development far ahead of the same industry, but also in quality management and after-sales service for everyone's attention. All along, good companies are treated with a high degree of responsiveness to all customers. As long as the customer to provide a drawing or a kind, good model of the design staff can design the corresponding Sheet Metal Prototyping, and put into mass production.
In the existing domestic Sheet Metal Prototyping manufacturers, our company has never relaxed on their own requirements. It should be said that this is a strength to speak of the Sheet Metal Prototyping manufacturers in the long process of development has formed its own unique system in the design and development, manufacturing, sales promotion Sheet Metal Prototyping has its own mature set practice.