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The Common Surface Process Effect of Prototyping Model

May 06, 2017

In the production of Prototype model, there are some commonly used surface treatment process: including polishing, spraying, electroplating, oxidation, drawing, etching, black, rubber Fumo, silk screen, laser carving and so on.

  For metal parts: spraying, silk screen, laser engraving, electroplating, spray, sandblasting, corrosion, aluminum anodizing and drawing, polishing, high light cut bright, nigrescence.

  For plastic parts: polishing, spraying, etching, electroplating, silk screen, laser carving.

  Painting: according to the requirements of customers to spray different colors for models after processed and polished;

  Printing: printed the pattern of character on a flat surface of a polished hand model;

  Laser carving: with the laser to destroy the surface of the paint, so that part of the location of light. (Such as: phone keys, car DVD buttons, lenses, etc.);

  Plating: to reach the more eye-catching effect, coated with a layer of silver product color, plating after  polished sample smoothly without any traces of impurities, and then soaked in chemical syrup (such as water and vacuum crossing);

  Oxidation (anode treatment): to make the aluminum surface oxidation reaction to form a layer of film, so that the product is not easy to scratch; 

  Brush: pulled out a fine mark on the surface of aluminum, to make the sample texture better;

  High light cutting: processing a circle by high-speed CNC on the surface of well-done aluminum samples, to reveal finally the true nature of aluminum.

  UV process: UV coating can be dip coating, leaching coating, paint coating, spin coating, and even vacuum coating and other methods after coating, and then by UV photon irradiation and curing film. Compared with the general solvent-based coating, UV coating features are as follows: 1. Curing rapidly; 2. Curing at the room temperature; 3. Saving energy, 4. Saving the area, 5. No environment pollution; 6. Improving product performance.

  UV: spray on the surface of the product with a layer of transparent oil, dry with UV light, make products more bright, not to spend, like a layer of protective layer.

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  Kingco large hand model factory, with 100,000 clean coating room, provides color development, spraying technology and other ancillary services combined with Japan's Musashi, card show and other high-quality leading suppliers. In order to ensure that the product line of three-dimensional, spray color fullness, Kingco team for model production pay more attention to grind and polish the product surface and paint primer before final painting. The number of primer spray need be strictly in accordance with the implementation of the standard coating. The production level of coating adhesion, product lines, color saturation, and wear resistance can help improve competitive model quality.