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The CNC Prototyping Intellectual Feast Is About To Start

Jul 05, 2017

The CNC Prototyping intellectual feast is about to start

To speed up the docking of the CNC Prototyping products and the market, OFweek high-tech industry portal will hold "OFweek 2017 (3rd) Chinese CNC Prototyping online exhibition" on August 30-31, 2017.

The fourth industrial revolution is coming, and the new generation of information technology will bring unprecedented changes, and bring a new opportunity for traditional manufacturing industries. Most of China's factories are in the industrial 2.0 to 3.0 stage, and companies need to upgrade their factory equipment to get the benefits of information technology. Industrial automation and robots will also play an important role in this transition.

In order to grab the manufacturing heights and win the future market, new policies have been introduced around the world. 2025 action strategy made in China made clear that will focus on developing a new generation of information technology, numerical control machine tools, robots and other technology, the intelligent manufacturing important direction for China's future development, through the new technology to promote China's manufacturing industry by the "big" change "strong". The transformation will unleash huge market demand, and the bright future of industrial automation and robotics is coming.

Transformation of traditional manufacturing is the inexorable trend of historical development, in the process of upgrading enterprise managers must consider many problems, such as how to obtain more reliable automation technology service, which product is the most advanced robots, intelligent manufacturing line of effect, plant upgrades and should pay attention to what issues?

To accelerate the CNC Prototyping products and market docking, OFweek high-tech industry portal will be held on August 30 and 31, 2017, "OFweek 2017 (the third) CNC Prototyping online exhibition" in China, this exhibition will be live in reality, webinars, launch, the white paper download innovation model, such as industrial automation and robot manufacturers at home and abroad to provide a information dissemination, technology exchange and trade negotiation of high quality online service platform. At that time, the enterprise of the whole intelligent manufacturing upstream and downstream industry chain will be able to talk directly through online platforms and customers to communicate technical problems and intelligent production solutions.

The CNC Prototyping is about to open

This exhibition points to four exhibition area, of which the industrial automation exhibition will display PLC/PAC, DCS, inverter, industrial control, energy and other industrial automation products and cloud manufacturing technology management system, the digital factory, non-standard automation, factory solutions such as wisdom; The industrial robot exhibition area is mainly used in various industrial robots, such as handling, welding and stacking, etc. The intelligent robot exhibition area will bring education robot, nursing robot, companion robot, customer service robot, window robot, etc. The industrial measurement technology exhibition area is dominated by thermal imager, spectrometer, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and network analyzer.

The CNC Prototyping intellectual feast is about to start

During the exhibition, there will be a number of seminars on industrial automation and robotics, and experts will share knowledge experience and provide real-time online answering services. In addition, there will also be broadcast activities, information download, product trial, and quiz, etc. Online exhibition industry member of huge data based on a OFweek platform foundation, personalized booth service support, let the enterprise and the customer never leave home, also can realize product docking, project plan communication. As an innovative form of exhibition, the online exhibition is more in line with the demand of the trend of The Times, making communication ubiquitous and ubiquitous.

Past OFweek has held two CNC Prototyping online exhibition and achieved good results, popular major in the three days of exhibition stands, visitors to industrial automation manufacturers, plastic processing, packaging, machinery manufacturing, and electronic appliance group is given priority to, in the field of production data is very accurate, and won numerous unanimous favorable comment of the exhibitors.

Live with the rapid rise of the Internet economy, the pattern is all the rage, OFweek 2017 (the third) China CNC Prototyping innovative online interactive online exhibition to display mode, provide a highly convenient for manufacturers and users of the product presentation and technical communication interactive service platform. This will bring together renowned enterprises in the field of industrial automation and robotics and senior experts, in the wave of intelligent manufacturing upgrading driven automation of new products, new technology of robot roll out, to participate in the online exhibition not only can understand the latest technology products, docking the business opportunities together with customers, as well as industry knowledge a good opportunity to learn.