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Special Material Of Prototype Models - PC

Jul 31, 2017

PC is the abbreviation of polycarbonate, whose wear resistance, toughness, flame resistance and oxidation resistance are very good. Due to structural specificity, now polycarbonate has become the fastest growing general engineering plastics in the five largest engineering plastics. Beijing Kingco prototype model company also use special materials such as nylon, POM, black acrylic and other materials.

Advantages of prototyping models special material - PC

1. High strength, elasticity coefficient, high impact strength, wide range of using temperature;

2. High transparency and free dyeing;

3. Low shaping shrinkage, good dimensional stability;

4. Good fatigue resistance;

5. Good weather resistance;

6. Excellent electrical characteristics;

7. Tasteless and odorless to the human body, in line with health and safety.

Performance of prototyping models special material - PC

1. Mechanical properties: high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, creep is also small (in high temperature conditions rarely change);

2. Heat aging resistance: UL temperature index can be 120 ~ 140 ℃ (outdoor long-term aging is also very good);

3. Solvent resistance: no stress cracking;

4. Water stability: easily decomposed in high temperature water (high temperature and high humidity environment to be used with caution);

Application areas of prototyping models special material - PC

The three major areas of PC engineering plastics are glass assembly industry, automotive industry and electronics, electrical industry. PC also used in industrial machinery parts, CD, packaging, computer and other office equipments, medical and health care, film, leisure and protective equipments. PC plastic in the automotive industry has good impact resistance, thermal distortion performance, good weather resistance and high hardness, therefore suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks, which are mainly concentrated in the lighting system, dashboard, Heating plate, defroster and polycarbonate alloy bumper and so on.

The prospect of PC plastic is extremely broad. Beijing Kingco Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an prototyping model and automobile inspection company. It is committed to providing shortening cycle, cost-effective verification and trial solution for the design and development of new products. We consistently adhered to the business philosophy of ”integrity, quality, timeliness”, and make unremitting efforts to become an internationally competitive enterprise!