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Single Fixtures On The Use Of Foam Molds

Oct 17, 2017

Single Fixtures on the use of foam molds
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First, the door liner molding die
1. Molding method The interior of the refrigerator door vacuum forming mold adopts the die forming method, and the refrigerated mold is molded. Single Fixtures Suitable for Party A ATEM five-station vacuum forming machine.
2.Single Fixtures composed of refrigerated door liner vacuum forming mold from the cold forming molding core, base, countertops, core pulling mechanism, pressure frame and other components.
3.Single Fixtures Material Mold Main Parts Material List: Single Fixtures Part Name Mold Material Core C5 Base Set Weldment Core Drawing Mechanism H62, Bright Aluminum, 45 and other purchased parts, standard parts Cylinder Selection Import Components (SMC); Linear bearings use Japan EASE products.
4.Single Fixtures structure and design and manufacturing requirements (1) refrigerated door around the use of hinge outside the flip structure, the central part of the protruding cylinder retractable core pulling mechanism. (2) mold heating, cooling using water cycle heating, cooling, mold within the water system is evenly arranged to ensure that the mold heating and cooling temperature uniformity, to avoid the uneven temperature caused by local stress concentration and affect product quality, water pipe with copper The overall casting, mold heating time is not greater than 30 minutes, the mold temperature is about 80 ℃, water pressure is not less than 0.4Mpa. (3) Single Fixtures vacuum holes are evenly distributed, the pore size is between φ0.5 ~ φ0.8mm, and the hole distance is between 30 ~ 50mm. The shape of the vacuum hole is large, and the diameter of the vacuum hole is Small outside. Large plane vacuum hole with imported air plug. (5) the base, the upper press frame with the group of welding pieces, the base requirements of the internal seal, the upper pressure box to install the auxiliary compression mold, the base material, To facilitate the molding of the door seal. (6) Single Fixtures Surface roughness: the outer surface of the forming part is Ra0.4 ~ Ra0.8, the outer surface of the non-molded part is Ra6.3; (7) Mold core material is molded - C5 is our company A new type of material developed on the basis of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, it has good casting performance, good flow performance, easy to produce shrinkage, cracks, loose, trachoma and other defects, linear shrinkage, welding and cutting performance And so on; Second, the refrigeration door foam mold 1.Single Fixtures composition of the refrigeration door foam mold from the upper and lower connection plate, upper and lower plate, surrounded by stripping and other components; 2.Single Fixtures material mold core material using ZL105; 3 . Mold structure and design and manufacturing requirements (1) refrigeration door foam mold door with the door in the next, the shell in the next form of foam, up and down with the connection plate will be two doors made of foam mold together, surrounded by scraping Fixed on both sides, both sides of the activities. (2) Mold closing height of 300mm, (according to Single Fixtures height to determine).
3, the door of the punching die 1, Single Fixtures composed of punching die from the upper and lower templates, trimming die, trimming punch, side punching die, side punch punch, guide pieces, fixed plate and other components; Material mold material selection of Cr12MoV, positioning block selection ZL105, the rest of the material selection of 45, Q235, etc .; 3, mold structure and design and manufacturing requirements (1), side punching with mechanical structure, surrounded by vertical punching, Guide orientation. (2), Single Fixtures assembled after the surface neat, non-working edge of the sharp edges should be rounded.
2, Single Fixtures material from top to bottom template material selection ZL105, hinge and locking mechanism material selection 45, the first layer of the material, The other materials used H62, Q235, etc .; 3, Single Fixtures structure and design and manufacturing requirements 1), the upper and lower template castings effective wall thickness greater than 30mm, casting without shrinkage, cracks, loose, trachoma and other defects. (2), Single Fixtures open angle of 105 degrees, open the external cylinder to promote the hinge and locking mechanism activities freely, no jamming phenomenon. (3), with the surface manufacturing accuracy IT6-IT7, surface roughness Ra0.8-Ra3.2, the rest of the manufacturing accuracy IT11-IT13, surface roughness Ra12.5-Ra6.3; (4), the mold should have Positioning and limit device, positioning operation is simple, reliable, to ensure accuracy.