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Simple Definition Of Mass Production

Jan 09, 2017

Production of several products, but not at the same time production of these kinds of products, but a part of batch production of a way of production organization. Bulk refers to (or workshop) in a given period, once produced, quality, structure, and method of manufacturing identical products (or parts) number. With many varieties of processing capacity, turns in a batch processing manufacturing product type, batch size, using special equipment and General equipment for production, according to the quantity of each product into production, divided into mass production, mass production and small series production of three.

Production methods that do not take into account the actual needs, and high volume production, resulting in half the product backlog in the next production and caused a lot of inventory (including in-process and finished products).

Correctly select the volume size and reasonably determine the interval of mass production, are important to increase economic benefits of mass production mass production than small batch save raw materials, reduce the replacement of equipment and fixtures, wholesale buy raw materials: comparison of workers to engage in a job for a long time, easy to improve the level of skilled labor and higher productivity, better economic benefits. However, bigger is not better in bulk. If the volume is too large, it will cause the long production cycle, excessive storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, which take up more resources and larger production area, affecting the improvement of economic efficiency. Enterprises to economic rational organization of production, must be based on social needs, market forecasting, product cost, equipment utilization and other factors, determine the appropriate volume, and determine the methods of mass production, the most important and most commonly used are: minimum lot size law, economic law and interval three production cycles.