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Silicone Mold Making Technology

Mar 17, 2017

Rapid mold manufacturing technology is the use of rapid prototyping for the mold to replace the mold and produce the actual material products. The manufacturing process of silicone mold  is a more practical rapid mold manufacturing methods. Silicone mold production mainly includes the preparation of master mold, analysis of products, partial surface determination, drawing sub-line, construction of the mold frame, preparation and casting silica gel, solidification and division of silicone mold. Silicone material has good flexibility and low shrinkage, being withstand repeated practical use, and to maintain the precision of prototype parts and batch production. Silicone mold production is simple and easy, with no need special technical equipment, which can be made in room temperature for a few hours. The products produced by the membrane do not need to be cut and polished, have a short production time, and the mold release is very easy, which greatly shortens the development cycle of new products and is widely used in new products R & D samples produced.

For the complex structure of thin-walled parts of the product, we hand model making team must carefully observe the structure of the entire parts, combining with the aesthetic effect of the product to determine the location of the feed port, and sub-surface as well as to paste the place where the adhesive tape. About determining the feed port, taking into account the resistance and flow of the feed, the rapid prototyping model in Beijing Kingco, should fill the material into the entire cavity quickly and evenly, and the position of the feed port should be chosen in a relatively covert and non-compliant area where necessary can be considered multi-point feed. In order to finally let the silicone mold on the lower part (punch, die) smooth separation, some through-hole, and type slot must be affixed with transparent adhesive tape. In that case, the two parts will not stick together. the parting surface is generally choosed at the maximum opening area in the part of the projection area of the contour line, but there are different sizes of holes and grooves in product side , therefore, after the solidification of silica gel Open mold, you must use a scalpel in these places to cut into some wave-shaped gap, so that the mold can be successfully removed.


Beijing Kingco's Silicone Laminating Facilities

In addition, based on the good material properties of silicone mold, for other complex structure, fine pattern, no demolition of the slope or with the inverted mold deviation and deep groove with the parts, the workpiece can be directly removed after the completion of casting, which is unique to its other molds.