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Sheet Metal Processing from Kingco Prototypes

Nov 03, 2017

  Sheet metal processing usually refers to a variety of hardware or sheet metal processing. Its actual application is very extensive, in the daily life, such as the outlet pipe, chimney, metal funnel, iron, computer chassis, all be different materials, which are produced by sheet metal Cutting, stamping, bending, welding, riveting of integrated cold manufacturing process. Beijing Kingco prototypes processing plant, can provide the fine metal processing and supporting sheet metal production services, involved in aerospace, medical, rail transportation, network communications and military industry.

Beijing Kingco sheet metal prototype processing pieces

  Beijing Kingco sheet metal production company, is equipped with various processing equipment, including CNC machining center, carved machine, CNC punch, high-precision CNC bending machine, car milling, hydraulic machine, wire cutting, welding workshop, etc, to effectively ensure the production efficiency and processing accuracy. Sheet metal processing commonly used materials are ordinary cold-rolled plate SPCC, galvanized steel plate SECC, hot-dip galvanized steel plate SGCC, stainless steel SUS301, stainless steel SUS304 and so on.

  In many of the Beijing creative model plant, Kingco industrial model in the production process of sheet metal structural parts, pays attention to product appearance needs and structural functionality, committed to build the high-end product quality supporting customer research and development. 3D software used for sheet metal processing, including generally SolidWorks, UG, Pro / E, TopSolid, etc., can be regarded as a sheet metal production of accurate data sources from the technical way.