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Sheet Metal Prototyping Are Widely Used

Jun 27, 2017

Sheet Metal Prototyping are widely used
Sheet metal prototype with light weight, high strength, conductivity, low cost, large-scale production performance and other characteristics, in the electronic and electrical appliances, communications, automotive industry, medical equipment and other fields have been widely used, such as in the computer chassis, mobile phones, MP3, sheet metal is an essential component. With the application of sheet metal more and more extensive, the requirements of the sheet metal is more and more high, in fact, the overall requirements of the sheet metal is not very high, just pay more attention to the Assembly, but precision sheet metal requirements is strictly the implementation of tolerance, if the super difference can be assembled is not qualified, its tolerance requirements are also higher than the normal A levels, so precision sheet metal processing requirements will be more stringent. Because the application of sheet metal prototype is very extensive, its downstream almost including all the manufacturing industry, the main industries have communications and electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, aerospace industry, instrumentation industry, home appliances industry.
Generally speaking, a variety of mechanical and electrical products metal forming parts and so on most of the sheet metal production process, in which the stamping process is suitable for mass production, and CNC sheet metal technology is suitable for precision production. Although China's sheet metal processing industry has gone to the world, and in many customers in the world occupy a certain market share, but the level of technology and developed countries related to a certain gap, the key gap is the technical service capacity is weak, can not fully and timely to meet customer demand. With the increasing internationalization of the industry, the industry's leading enterprises have gradually realized the gap, and gradually set up a complete manufacturing service system, this part of the enterprise in the technical level and the relative gap between the developed countries has been significantly reduced. The industry's technology includes two aspects: Manufacturing technology and service technology.
The intermediate centrifugal force of the sheet metal prototype is proportional to the velocity squared to enlarge the oscillation caused by unbalance. The middle oscillation of the sheet metal prototype formed in the middle of machining minimizes the bearing, bearing, shaft, spindle and gear.

Before balancing the tool in the middle of the sheet metal prototype, the requirements measure the size of the unbalance and the point of view of each selected proofreading plane. These variables are measured on two general-purpose balancing machines: the non rotating or gravity machine is used to measure the unbalance of a single plane, while the rotary or centrifuge is used to measure the imbalance of a single plane or two planes. CNC Machining Other ways of measuring the components of a small scale is to add solder to the assembly body or to add weight in the pre drilling. With regard to knives, when you determine the imbalance between the need to remove the data talent to achieve the correct balance, the simplest and most useful way is drilling.

Sheet metal prototyping skills have been widely promoted, most of the machining workshop has a sheet metal prototype capabilities, typical machining workshop in the most common sheet metal prototyping methods have CNC milling, CNC cars and CNC EDM line cutting (EDM line cutting). CNC Milling is something called a CNC milling machine or the middle of a sheet metal prototype. The lathe for CNC lathe is called the middle of NC lathe. The sheet metal prototype G code can be programmed manually, but the general machining workshop uses CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software to actively read CAD files and generate G code programs to control the CNC machine tools.