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Processing High Temperature 3D Printing Models Should Choose What Materials

Sep 29, 2017

When doing plastic 3D Printing Models, customers often have some special requirements, such as to do high temperature 3D Printing Models, if they are not very understanding of the characteristics of 3D Printing Models material, we often ask what materials we choose Well, this situation for the LED industry to do 3D Printing Models customers the most obvious, the following just tell you about doing 3D Printing Models common some high temperature materials and their performance.
In the plastic parts 3D Printing Models, the best material for high temperature performance is undoubtedly the PPS material, its forming temperature is about 300-330 degrees. Its most prominent feature is the high temperature, corrosion resistance and superior mechanical properties, with our 15 years of 3D Printing Models processing experience and done 3D Printing Models view, PPS material 3D Printing Models can do 230 degrees of high temperature It will not be deformed, so when customers have this demand, may take the lead in considering PPS materials.
In addition to PPS materials, PTFE (abbreviated as PTFE, commonly known as "plastic king") high temperature performance is excellent, it can be 200 degrees in the high temperature can still keep the prototype, is also a very good material.
In addition to the above two, 3D Printing Models can also be high temperature performance, in theory, it can withstand 130 degrees of high temperature, in terms of temperature performance than ABS3D Printing Models high temperature is much better.
In the customer service for so long time, often encountered want to do high temperature 3D Printing Models customers for the choice of materials and worry about, I believe that after reading this article, your problem can be solved, after the actual request to select Suitable for high temperature resistant materials.
The design of 3D Printing Models is an important step in improving the quality of 3D Printing Models, taking into account a number of factors, including the selection of 3D Printing Models materials, the usability and safety of 3D Printing Models, the machinability of 3D Printing Models And 3D Printing Models the convenience of maintenance, which at the beginning of the design should be considered too thorough.
3D Printing Models Make Note:
1. Roughness specification according to drawing requirements.
2. Sign the processing agreement schedule date.
3. 3D Printing Models are manufactured in accordance with the required color.
4. The transparent material corresponds to the drawing demand information manufacture, the inner wall lubrication can not have the machine tool processing the road pattern.
5. Plastic parts plan active, and can be used when the lack of goods.
6. 3D Printing Models manufacturing pre-rendering staff to communicate with the 3D Printing Models manufacturing personnel.
7. Describe the goods to be sure of good forming technology and processes, not because the parts difficult to process and modify the stereotypes.
8.3D Printing Models manufacturing can be prepared in advance to prepare, to avoid hurry in thinking ill, affecting the duration.
9.3D Printing Models Before you paint, think about the thickness of the paint is not the same as the specifications of the drawings.
10.3D Printing Models Before processing, think about roughing and finishing margins, to avoid cracking and the surface is not the same as the heart, the appearance of goods processing lines.
11. Part of the correct selection of materials before processing, plans in the high temperature after the temperature changes, 3D Printing Models personnel to assist the planning staff to modify.
12. Each 3D Printing Models part of the processing staff after the measurement and assembly, depicting the question will have to plan to modify the staff, the demand and then after the decision to transfer to the 3D Printing Models group from scratch processing.