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Polyurethane Casting Resin Is Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications

Jun 20, 2017

Polyurethane Casting Resin is suitable for a wide range of applications
Polyurethane casting resin equipment is widely used in: building exterior insulation spraying, interior wall insulation spraying, cold storage insulation spraying, refrigerated car insulation spraying, car body noise spraying, cabin insulation spraying, roof waterproof insulation spraying, tank insulation coating, roof Waterproof insulation spraying, solar water heaters, refrigerators, freezers and so on.
DY-109-type polyurethane casting resin casting machine for a wide range of applications.
Spray: used in cold storage insulation, building facades, roof insulation, water tank insulation, cars, boats, waterproof and other spraying.
Pouring: used in solar water heaters, drinking fountains, anti-theft doors, water tanks, water tanks, electric water heaters, hollow bricks, pipes and other products pouring; also applies to precision instruments, machinery products, aviation instruments, handicrafts, glass products, lighting products , Bathroom products, and other types of profiled, fragile items packaging.
1, set spray casting one, widely used;
2, spraying, pouring mixing ratio is accurate, uniform, greatly improve the quality of products, save more raw materials;
3, you can adjust the feed ratio, suitable for a variety of production needs;
4, the heating system uses intelligent temperature control and indirect heating method to solve the uneven heating of raw materials and local high temperature heating caused by the problem of heating and deterioration of raw materials;
5, small size, light weight, easy to move, suitable for on-site operation;
6, the equipment is simple to operate, do not need professional staff to construction;
7, low failure rate, easy maintenance, save more time;
Polyurethane casting resin insulation coating thermal conductivity is low, easy to construction, oil, acid, alkali, low pollution coefficient, is the outer wall insulation industry, the most ideal insulation materials. There are many varieties of external wall insulation paint, ceramic insulation coating, hydrophobic silicic acid insulation coating, powder polystyrene particles external wall insulation coating. Ceramic thermal insulation coating for the water-based liquid coating, from the ultra-fine hollow ceramic beads prepared by the pretreatment and high-quality emulsion from the deployment, with high heat reflectivity and emissivity, can effectively reduce the building summer cooling and Winter heating energy consumption. Hydrophobic silicic acid insulation coating is made of high quality sepiolite, aluminum silicate fiber, expanded perlite, silicone and other high-quality insulation materials and polymer composite compound, with excellent insulation properties are widely used in the wall Body, tank, cold storage, pipe and other insulation. Polystyrene powder external wall insulation coating is a new type of insulation material, from the powder and polystyrene particles composed of two main components.