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Monthly Staff Birthday Party Held At Kingco FTU

Mar 07, 2018

  On the third day after starting work in the New Year, Kingco FTU’s small partners with February's birthday received a great surprise! Beijing Kingco union federations for partners prepared a caring birthday party, we are also very fortunate to spend an unforgettable birthday party, although there is no parental accompany.

Kingco FTU's staff monthly birthday party

  In the joy of blessing, all the longevity stars has shared a delicious birthday cake, longevity noodles, gifts, and a candle to make a wish, leaving this wonderful moment.

Making a candle and wishing

February birthday staff photo

  No matter how much we experience the storm, in 2017 we walk together, in 2018 the new year, we will continue to look to the future and create success. Thank you, all the way! Happy birthday to our colleague!