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Marking Of Automobile Gage Production

Aug 01, 2017

      The appearance of checking fixture

      The appearance color of checker body and bottom, should be according to different models configured with different colors, in order to facilitate the use of accurate distinction between different types of seized. The common coloring of holes, faces, notches, etc., which are functional and detection, is as follows:

* positioning surface, support surface 0mm white, RAL9010 or material qualities

* crossed hole detection surface 2mm (1mm) red, RAL3000

* detection surface 5mm (3mm) yellow, RAL1012

* flatness detection surface 0mm white, RAL9010 or material qualities

* Visual hole detection surface 8mm (6mm), black

* plug casing end face 8mm (6mm), black

(Back door bumper bracket) gage operation

  Inspection and measurement of the bracket need to be marked on the corresponding, including the following:

* check the nameplate: model, part name, part number; check number; check the total weight; base symbol; manufacturing date, the last modification date; manufacturer; nameplate style black and white;

* check the data surface signs and gauges manufacturing data signs;

* Part shape outline shape line;

* Baseline;

* reference hole identification number, coordinate identification;

* datum coordinate identification;

* Measure the numerical markings of the surface and grid lines, measure the gap 5mm or 3mm of the signs;

* RPS point identification;

* only pass regulations, card regulations, detection pins, etc.

Nameplate of checking fixture made by Beijing Kignco

Kingco manufacturing Car Collision Front Bracket Inspection Tool

  Car inspection is based on the models of special planning and design requirements developed. The type of checker surface coating in uneven thickness will affect the surface accuracy. Beijing Kingco company's gage production, is equipped with large CNC machining centers, precision coordinate measuring equipment and high-quality technical staff, according to the different needs of customers, strict quality control to control the various production processes, providing high-quality car inspection.