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Manufacturing Requirements Of Automobile Gauge / Checking Fixture

Aug 10, 2017

Automobile Gauge is used to judge the quality of automotive parts or even vehicle, played an important role in the fast and accurate detection of product quality. The design and manufacture of the automobile gauge need to be approved by the customer. The profile must be manufactured according to the CAD data of the part, and all the parameters of the part must be carried out. The followings are the common manufacturing requirements for automobile gauges /checking fixtures.

1. All positioning reference, inspection parts and interchangeable parts shall be marked on the gauge /checking fixture.

2. The operating instructions and / or instructions of operating sequence shall be firmly attached to the gauges. These instructions must be the same as those in the design drawing.

3. Suggest use eye bolts as lifting lugs on the gauge which is more than 22 kilograms.

4. All the welding parts should be stress relief.

5. All the movable and interchangeable parts, such as handles and measuring pins, shall be permanently attached to the gauge. It is recommended to use a self-fixing device or a retractable connecting cable.

6. All non-inspection surfaces of the gauges are painted in moderate blue.

7. The manufacturing tolerances of the gauges

General guiding principles

A. All positional tolerances of the positioning reference must be limited to ± 0.10 mm.

B. All parts of the gauge for detecting the parts, including inspection pins and bushings, the position tolerances of those must be limited within ± 0.10 mm.

C. The gauge block position tolerance which is used to test the product surface profile characteristics should be limited within ± 0.15mm.

D. The gauge block position tolerance which is used to test the product peripheral profile characteristics should be limited to ± 0.15mm or less.

E. The tolerances of the template on the gauge should be limited within ± 0.20 mm.

F. The tolerance of visual reference should be within ± 0.50 mm.

When the characteristics of a product deviate from the above specifications, the tolerance can use 1/10 guidelines. 1/10 of tolerance marked in the product drawings for a particular product features can be used as the manufacturing tolerance.

8. Each gauge shall be accompanied by a metal identification plate which indicates the following information (updated when necessary):

Measured part name

Measured part number

Engineering change level

Style, year and use;

Production name;


Manufacturing time.

Beijing Kingco equipped with large gantry machining center(4000 * 2500 * 1500mm, 2200 * 1600 * 1200mm), Mikron high-speed machine imported from Switzerland (precision up to 0.02mm), Taiwan CNC Center(1000 * 600 * 700mm), Carved machines, as well as turning, milling, grinding, line cutting, welding and other auxiliary equipment.

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