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Manufacture And Application Of Tooling Fixture

Aug 11, 2017

      Tooling, that is, process equipment, is the manufacturing process used in a variety of tools in general, including the tool / fixture / mold / gauges / check / auxiliary / fitter tools / station equipment. Fixture, also known as fixture, as the name suggests, is used to quickly fasten the workpiece, so that machine tools can maintain the correct relative position of the process device. Fixture, that is, manufacturing equipment, and tooling agreement, also refers to fixtures, and more for Taiwan-funded / Korean / Japanese and other electronic enterprises. Broadly speaking, in any making process, the device used to quickly, easily and securely install workpiece, can be called fixture. Such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine fixture and so on. One of the most common is  machine fixture, and often referred to fixture. Tooling includes fixtures, and fixtures are tooling.

airtight and watertight fixture

  In the actual processing production, tooling fixture impacts directly on the quality of parts processing, process production efficiency and production costs, as an indispensable parts of mechanical processing. Typically, fixture design and manufacturing costs associated with the entire production system 10% -20%. The fixture is usually set by the positioning element (to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture), the clamping device, the knife guide element (to determine the relative position of the tool and the workpiece or guide the direction of the tool), indexing device (so that the workpiece in a single installation Complete the processing of several stations, there are rotary indexing device and linear moving indexing device two types), connecting components and fixture (fixture base) and others. According to the flexible use of tooling fixture, it can be divided into special fixture and universal fixture. In order to make the surface of workpiece to meet the specifications of the drawings, geometric shapes and other surfaces with the accuracy of the mutual technical requirements, it’s necessary to finish Positioning and clamping before processing. Fixture design should also be taken full account of various related factors, such as positioning accuracy, stability, system rigidity, and how to make it easy on parts loading, clamping and disassembly. The use of fixture in the pattern of reasonable and correct installation and fixed parts, as well adjusting the installation direction and control force, can effectively reduce the production process of deformation and error.

Car headlamp matching gage

door interior trim board

  Modern machine tool technology develops toward the direction of high-speed, high efficiency, precision, composite, intelligent, environmental protection, fixture technology is also moving towards high precision, high efficiency, module, combination, general, economic direction. The company Beijing Kingco has the elite excellent design and production services team, with professional design for customer to produce all kinds of automotive stamping parts seized, injection parts seized, a single check, assembly seized, opening gage, fixture and measurement Stent. Beijing Kingco Industrial Inspection and Production Company, can provide one-stop seized with design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, measurement of integrated services in the strict production process control and after-sales service, which has won the trust of domestic and foreign automobile OEMs and Parts of the plant, such as FAW-Volkswagen, Beiqi Group, Beijing Benz, Fiat, Honda, Toyota and other customers maintaining a wide range of close cooperation.