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Machining Method For Model With Deep Hole

May 11, 2017

In the mechanical processing practice, we often encounter some deep hole structure of the processing. For different sizes of deep hole parts, we manufacturer should combine with the production equipment, processing experience and customers’ actual requirements for products, to select the appropriate processing methods, so as to achieve the size of the tolerance accuracy and surface finish, and improve production efficiency.

   1) The handle long handle twist drill for general machine processing. Twist drill bit angle is larger, about 140 degrees. Due to the large axial force during drilling, a shorter drill is more suitable for machining. Drill bit two edges are not easy to wear completely symmetrical, and the hardness of arbor is poor, so it is easy to vibrate for ordinary twist drill welding long handle processing, and the hole centerline is easy to skew. In order to carry out chip removal and cooling tools in a limited bit storage space, the drill must be withdrawn after a length of processing (typically 5 to 10 mm). For the longer spindle, we need process from drill holes of both ends, and select the sharp drill, with frequent cutting, and more oil. For holes of 15 mm or more, a welding edge drill is generally used, but for a hole of 25 mm or more, a drillable bit can be used to perform very efficient drilling. Therefore, for this method of processing,  tool manufacturing is simple, and used widely, but the labor intensity is great, production efficiency is low, now it is mainly used in single-piece production in small quantities.

   2)Special machine equipped deep hole drilling processing. Deep hole processing, is used for a dedicated deep hole drilling machine, or used after the conversion of ordinary lathe. The drill bit moves in the horizontal direction for easy cutting. Guide block on the Deep hole drilling has an effect on direction of guidance and centering , to reduce the deviation of drilling and cutting vibration. The correct chip shape size and effective chip removal are critical for successful deep hole machining. The processing method to a certain extent, can improve the processing quality and production efficiency, but there are some shortcomings, When the machine is being processed, it can not directly observed the cutting tool, its cooling and chip removal have some difficulties.

   3) Set of special knife processing. Casing drilling is characterized by cutting only one ring hole, the required power requirements are smaller, the tip of the zero-cutting speed, nesting drill hole can be used for other small diameter parts of the processing. This process is also suitable for mass production, mainly for large holes in the hole (generally greater than 50 mm in diameter). At regular machining, the part is finished on the machine for more than 30 hours. And deep hole machining solutions with special tools can reduce the time to 7.5 hours. On the Processing, it can reduce the cutting load, and material consumption, thereby enhancing production efficiency. When the diameter of the cutter is small, the overall welding processing will be used; diameter larger, the assembled or adjustable should be applied. The blade design should take into account the debris and chip breaking, the tool need be installed the wear-resistant materials of the strip used to guide, such as cloth Bakelite, carbide, rolling bearings.


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