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Kingco Union Federation Issued Spring Festival Welfare

Feb 11, 2018

  February 10, 2018, with the Spring Festival approaching the pace, the Spring Festival atmosphere is also getting stronger, Beijing Kingco Union Federation prepared a prosperous and thoughtful New Year's gift for staff, with placed a New Year's good wishes for employees and their family.

New Year's Gift from Beijing Kingco Union Federation


  At the scene of the New Year's gift delivery, everyone was filled with joy in their hearts and full of expectations and confidence in the new year. They all thanked the unions for their blessing.

Gift delivery

Union Staff Photo

  Beijing Kingco Union Federation has witnessed the company business’s growth and development, still interested in the staff, focusing on team culture and employee benefits. About the company’s main business, car seizure design and manufacturing, prototype model custom processing, LovePlusses "small molecule peptide " health project and the strategic development work of the" Belt and Road Initiative "have given tremendous support. New Year's new atmosphere, the Beijing Kingco Union Federation bless that everyone can spend a happy and healthy New Year!