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Kingco Making Efforts In The PowerRay Intelligent Fish Search Robot, Only For You To Enjoy Fishing.

Apr 20, 2017

  April 12, 2017, a formal press conference about intelligent search robot "small sea rays" PowerRay, held in Munich, Germany, then will be in London, Paris, New York, San Francisco , Beijing, Tokyo and other cities held a release event. This innovative and intelligent product will be sold to more than 40 countries around the world. As the supporting partner of R & D design for underwater robot product, Beijing Kingco prototyping model company provided this high-end product production and mass production service for Powervison.


The "little sea rays" PowerRay-Let the fishing enthusiasts covet

  Powervison is committed to the development and production of consumer intelligent robots and related products. The PowerRay underwater robot has joined the visualization of fishing, making fishing enthusiasts, diving and outdoor enthusiasts, filmmakers, and ordinary White users enjoyed. PowerRay's first intelligent search finder, including the two functions of fish and lure fish, matching with a first-class ultra-high-definition wide-angle camera, through the sonar accurately detect the depth of 40 meters within the scope of fish distribution, size, depth and other fish , and also equipped with VR glasses, to provide users with the first perspective of the immersion experience, and support multiple VR glasses watching fishing process in zero distance. PowerRay upholds the style of Powervison product easy to operate, whether underwater photographing or fishing, all can be operated by App.


Fishing like this, so easy, so happy

  On conference site, PowerRay robot, attracted countless visitors with its high value. From its fashionable and beautiful, full of three-dimensional and elegant colors of the plastic cover, to the powerful multi-functional precision internal structure, Kingco model plant made it reached this product's high quality. In particular, the entire product, from the various structural parts of the fine CNC machining, professional skilled manual processing to parts assembly, showed the rigorous professional ability of Kingco model production team. Its seal design can be reached the level of military use, meeting sailing, or switch underwater navigation, in the depth of 30m sailing capacity, suitable for the fresh water or sea water. The life time can up to 4 hours, fully ensuring the different scenarios demand for different users.

Such a small sea rays, are you ready to take it home?