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Kingco Adhere To The Best Tailor-made Batch Production

Dec 08, 2017

  In the early stage of product development, in order to verify the possibility of the product going public in the future, the verification needs to be completed through trial production of the prototype model. Beijing Kingco professional hand board factory can provide you with a single set of proofing or small-scale custom model services, covering digital, medical, home appliances and other industries.

the custom-made medical batch production made by Kignco

  As shown in the batch of plastic parts, is the appearance housing of medical equipment tester made by the company Beijing Kingco prototypes plant. This set of products is processed from the previous prototype proofing, then confirmed with customer after completion. As Kingco passed the acceptance of customers, they signed the order of 50 small quantities of products. About the other orders similar to this customer needs, it is not particularly large for customer’s current demand for product, and there will be high cost and long production cycle if to directly open the mold, so we will take advantage of making fast features of prototype model into small quantities of products, which can help customers achieve very rapid replacement of products.