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Intelligent Manufacturing Of Auto Parts

May 26, 2017

    The car is usually composed of four basic parts of the engine, the chassis, the body and the electrical equipment, and the auto parts usually refer to all parts and parts other than the car frame. According to the nature of parts, it can be divided into engine systems, power systems, transmission systems, suspension systems, brake systems, electrical systems.

    Intelligent manufacturing is based on the new generation of information technology, throughout the design, production, management, service and other manufacturing activities in all aspects of information with the advanced manufacturing process, system and model, featured on the depth of self-perception, intelligent optimization of decision making, and precise control of automatic execution. After German industry and the industrial internet by United States proposed, China has also formally put forward the development strategy of China's manufacturing 2025 in 2015, adhere to innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthen the foundation, green development, accelerate from manufacturing big country to manufacturing Power.


    In China, with the rapid development of China's auto industry, auto parts manufacturing industry has also achieved faster development. At present, the world's top 20 most famous auto parts company in China has set up a joint venture or wholly-owned enterprises. Automobile parts manufacturing enterprises, for the automotive OEMs, has the characteristics of high frequency of delivery, frequent changes in customer vehicle production and others. Due to the similar suppliers are highly competitive, and cost pressure is great, intelligent manufacturing will be the only way for enterprise development.

  Beijing Kingco Technology Development Co., Ltd., can undertake professionally the auto parts model and car inspection equipment manufacturing services. According to the product design drawings for sample preparation, Beijing Kingco modelmaking use visual inspection of the product appearance, structure and feasibility, to avoid the risk of direct mold for the product to provide adequate basis for quantitative production. At the same time, hand plate model of convenience, effectively improved the product development speed, and enhanced the competitiveness of the product market. Checking fixture for auto parts, is an indispensable tool for automobile lean manufacturing. It uses high-speed and high-precision visual processing technology to detect the quality of auto parts quickly, then find out and eliminate the problem. It is used to carry out the mold precision measurement, adjustment and daily production of post-production size, to achieve a comprehensive control of the automobile manufacturing process.




  Under the guidance of the "Made in China 2025" strategy, Beijing Kingco prototyping model and checking fixture plant will always innovate vigorously, with the automation, intelligence and Informatization of the manufacturing industry as the strategic development direction, and push the Chinese intellectuals into a new level.