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Intelligent Development Of Manufacturing Industry

Aug 25, 2017

        In the era of industrial 4.0, the traditional industry boundaries will disappear, and produce a variety of new areas of activity and cooperation. At this year's Hannover Messe in Germany, the content of domestic exhibitors focused on some technical hardware, while foreign companies are showing their prospects for the future, from the digital transformation of workshop to overall digital solution.

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  At present, the comprehensive strength between China's manufacturing industry and the developed countries in the world is still a big gap. In the advancement of information technology and practice of industrial integration, Chinese manufacturing enterprises should attach great importance to standardization of manufacturing development, with steady and orderly integration of various Technology, to improve the management system, in formation of enterprise production, learning, research, which can promote the joint innovation and development at multiple levels. At the same time, after achieve networking at factory and outside world, malicious software intrusion, the risk of network attacked will be improved, which requires the development of network security measures and solutions to establish a complete industrial Internet information security certification system. With the growing popularity of industrial cloud computing, we manufacturing enterprises not only need to create a system to accelerate the construction of industrial cloud system, but also with partners to build some of the services on the industrial cloud. In the research and design of certification system and design of standards, Chinese manufacturing enterprises should cooperate with international certification bodies to carry out joint certification services, learn from foreign construction experience, absorb some relatively mature technology, and gradually establish their own safety certification mechanism. 


     With our national strategy "one belt, one road" pursued vigorously, a large number of domestic manufacturers responding actively to national calls, will build intelligent factories as a powerful tool to promote intelligent manufacturing. Beijing Kingco Industrial Technology Development Co., Ltd., focusing on the overall solution of intelligent factories, always concerns about the development of China's manufacturing industry. Since the company Beijing Kingco founded at Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in 2002, we have been struggling in the industry front, with a wealth of industry experience and technical strength, to build a comprehensive factory from the aspects of decision-making, operation, production and services, and upgrade the development of intelligent manufacturing. At Kingco Industrial Technology Company's intelligent production links, the equipment and production management staff effectively linked to ensure that the entire production process is efficient and safe, but also greatly improve the quality of products. Through technological innovation and system optimization, products in the design, manufacture, material recovery and other processes can be achieved the comprehensive utilization of resources, then help enterprises to achieve intelligent production.