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How To Solve The Problem Of Rapid Prototyping Workpiece Processing?

Oct 26, 2017

How to solve the problem of Rapid Prototyping workpiece processing?
The use of Rapid Prototyping technology for workpiece processing, inevitably there will be a variety of failures, Rapid Prototyping manufacturers today for you to explain the processing effect is poor, the size is not in place and other issues.
The machining process is not suitable; the parameter setting is unreasonable, the feeding speed is too large, resulting in the arc machining out of step; it is not suitable for the machining process, Timing belt wear; screw gap caused by loose or screw too tight lead to out of step.
In order to solve the above problems, Rapid Prototyping manufacturers recommend that you find the resonant workpiece when processing, change the frequency, to avoid resonance again; reconsider the processing technology, the preparation of reasonable procedures; stepper motor processing rate F can not be set too large ; Replace the timing belt; to determine the machine is installed firmly, placed smoothly, check the carriage is too tight, the gap increases or turret loosening.
Another problem is that the process of workpiece processing changes, but other processes are accurate. The reason for this situation is that the program parameters are unreasonable, not in the intended orbit, into a format that does not meet the requirements of the specification. The solution is relatively simple, check the thread block is garbled, or pitch is not correct, re-compile this program.
Rapid Prototyping is the product of the development of science and technology, to the workpiece processing to bring more convenience, but the processing process, the workpiece will be a variety of quality problems, please let the Rapid Prototyping manufacturers to provide you with a solution.
Batch processing of the workpiece is a Rapid Prototyping manufacturer of this equipment superiority, but the batch processing occasionally the quality of the workpiece is poor we do not want to see. The emergence of such a situation, manufacturers should operate from the method, clamping reliability and other aspects to find a solution. Grasp the Rapid Prototyping process, take anti-jamming measures, such as strong electric field interference of strong electric cable and weak signal signal line isolation, adding anti-interference absorption capacitor and shielded wire isolation, check whether the ground connection is firm and so on.
Another problem encountered by Rapid Prototyping manufacturers is the instability of dimensional changes due to changes in the processing system. The reason for this situation is multifaceted, including unreasonable system parameter settings, unstable processing voltage, external interference caused the system out of step, the system and the drive does not match the impedance caused by the loss of signal between the system and the signal Transmission is not normal, the system is damaged or internal failure, the need for remedy.
Rapid Prototyping processing of high efficiency and precision is one of the most commonly used methods of workpiece processing, but it is not completely without defects, Rapid Prototyping manufacturers for you to solve the size of the workpiece when the small fault.
In the process of Rapid Prototyping of the workpiece, the drive phase lamp is normal, but the size of the workpiece appears to be large and small, of which the reasons are more. Machine tool towers for a long time for high-speed operation, resulting in screw and bearing wear is one of the reasons; re-positioning accuracy of the knife because of long-term use is also a reason for deviation; spindle high-speed rotation of the bearing wear serious Although the carriage can return to the starting point, but the size of the workpiece will still change.
In response to this problem, Rapid Prototyping manufacturers propose specific solutions. The dial indicator can be used to check the repeated positioning accuracy of the knife, adjust the mechanical Or replace the tool holder; dial indicator to detect whether the workpiece after the correct return to the beginning of the program, if you can, then repair the spindle, replace the bearing.