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Gauge Clamping Devices

Aug 16, 2017

        The gage is mainly composed of base, body, positioning element, measuring element, clamping device. The most commonly used is fast clamp, divided into vertical handle clamp and horizontal handle clamp, as well as magnetic clamping, pneumatic clamping.

tightening pin and fast clamp

  The function of clamping device is to ensure the reliability of the positioning of tested parts, usually fixed directly to the appropriate position on the upper surface of gage base by bolts or cast beam transition connection. In order to secure the part, a quick chuck or magnet must be configured in the area of locating and supporting surface. For small gages, if there is not enough space to install, the chuck allowed the use of magnets. The magnet shall be embedded in the bearing surface or on both sides of the bearing surface, in need of less than 0.1 mm below bearing surface. Clamping structure to be lightweight, for convenient parts handling, can effectively control the deformation of parts because of sufficient rigidity. Chuck and datum must be vertical, the direction of general deviation of ≤ 5 °, the individual arc surface allows ≤ 10 °.


        Precautions for using chuck devices:

1) When the chuck is released and starting position is restored, there must be sufficient space to ensure that the parts are disconnected and removed without interference.

2) there is enough space to provide chuck on the gage to achieve space without interference curve movement, all the chuck movement trajectory on the same gripper must be non-interference.

3) chuck structure must be strong, with anti-rotation structure, and free of shaking.

Beijing Kingco manufacturing gauges with clamping devices

  The coordinate measuring machine can measure the center point of RPS positioning surface. So the clamp arm should not exceed the center of RPS positioning surface, otherwise the coordinate probe will be blocked by clamp arm to affect measurement. When gage is used as a measuring stand, it must be ensured that the measuring probe can touch the midpoint of the RPS face without interference, in the chuck clamping or loosening condition. When designing chuck structure, required a U-shaped structure, for which the U-shaped chuck inner diameter is greater than 6.5mm, and the chuck width should achieve the required strength.

Beijing Kingco manufacturing gauges with clamping devices

  The existing car gage, usually fitted with a quick clamp, is fastened from the outer surface of the workpiece, but some of the components in limited shape need to be positioned from inside or side. In principle, there is a need for a clamping of each positioning surface, the clamping point should be located in the center of positioning surface, clamping direction should be consistent with the normal positioning surface. The angle of positioning surface, less than 5 degrees from the angle of clamp support surface, is acceptable. If the angle is greater than 5 degrees, the clamping direction should be the same as that of the positioning surface. Beijing Kingco, with the excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system, has won highly appraised and trusted from Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai, Beiqi Futian, Beijing Automobile, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, FAW Mazda, Great Wall, Dragon, Chery, JAC and other well-known enterprises. The company Beijing Kingco auto parts seized business, has established a good strategic partnership with more than 30 Fortune 500 companies.