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Fixture for Stainless Steel Stampings Parts

Mar 09, 2017
Kingco specialize in designing and manufacturing various kinds of metal fixtures with strict requirements and at reasonable prices.

Kingco equipped with latest CNC machines and automatic coordinate measuring instrument. CNC machining center include: large gantry machining center(route 4000 * 2500 * 1500mm, 2200 * 1600 * 1200mm), Mikron high-speed machine imported from Switzerl(accuracy up to 0.02mm) and carved machine. Coordinate measuring equipment include Italy imported Hexagon automatic coordinate measuring instrument(route 3300 * 2000 * 1000mm), joint venture brand automatic coordinate measuring instrument (route 5000 * 2500 * 1500mm). And all the automatic coordinate measuring equipments accuracy reached 0.002mm to ensure the single fixture's precision.

Kingco provides numerous processing craftsmanships for the single stamping parts fixture, including: electroplating, oxidation,Iron blacking effect, vacuum Plating, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, surface nitriding, etc. Our single fixtures are widely used in automotive industries.

To further assist you in the development and finalizing of your projects, we can handle fixture requests(such us customized Single Fixture) at very short notice.