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Examines The Characteristics

Jan 09, 2017

1) flexible gauges and what are the characteristics and advantages compared to conventional fixture?

Flexible fixture has a number of traditional inspection with no special advantages include: a flexible tool adjustments can measure different products (one to many or adjustable, save storage space, parts can be reused), automatic measurement, automatic data logging, high measurement accuracy, not afraid of deformation (low maintenance), shorter development cycles, and so on.

2) flexible fixture can replace traditional gauges do?

Flexible gauges are an important complement to traditional gauges, small easy to install on some occasions such as space probe can only use traditional fixture. Flexible fixture can not completely replace the traditional fixture.

3) flexible gauges how accuracy? How to guarantee?

Flexible gauge accuracy is guaranteed through the measuring head accuracy. Due to the measuring head can be reset to zero, even if low precision tooling or deformed, as long as the probe back to zero, the system can automatically compensate and does not affect use.

4) what are the disadvantages of flexible fixture?

Flexible fixture using the probe measurement error, so points are discrete; traditional fixture is the reference surface for measurement reference point is continuous. Flexible gauge is measured automatically, needs a stable power supply traditional fixture is usually a pure mechanical measurements, generally does not require power.